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Overview of code coverage metrics

Unit tests are essential in software engineering nowadays. The quality of software begins with unit testing, but they are useless if there isn’t a metric or an indicator that shows how good the unit tests are. This is called code … Continue reading

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.NET User Group Meeting on 5. September 2013

The User Group Meeting in September will take place on 05. September at the restaurant Kreuzgang in Göttingen. The meeting will be in German as is the following abstract of the meeting’s talk. If you’re in Göttingen, you’re very welcome … Continue reading

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How to add two numbers without the operators +,-,*,/ ?

Recently I found an interview question: How to add two numbers without the operators +,-,*,/. During in an interview, this question is just horrible. From my point of view it doesn’t matter if an interviewee knows the answer or not. … Continue reading

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Using JetBrains ReSharper

Honestly, I am not a fan of JetBrains ReSharper. Of course, it makes some things easier and some other functions are pretty neat, but on the other hand it makes Visual Studio so slow, especially when it comes to large … Continue reading

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Simplify Singleton Pattern

The Singleton Pattern is well known to avoid multiple instances of a class. Whenever a Singleton is useful or not – some people say that Singletons are the face of evil – the implementation is really straightforward: Jon Skeet, Google … Continue reading

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Environment.MaschineName with Citrix

Normally the property MaschineName of the class Environment contains the NetBIOS name of the pc. If the user runs the application in a Citrix environment, it contains the name of the Citrix server which hosts the current session. In my … Continue reading

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A simple chat application or playing with ASP.NET SignalR

ASP.NET SignalR has become famous lately. SignalR is a library that makes it simple to add real-time web functionality to applications. But, instead of the name beginning with ASP.NET, SignalR can also be used with console, webforms or WPF applications. … Continue reading

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