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Podcasts recommendations

I listen to podcasts nearly every day during my commute with my bicycle and I do love podcasts. Here is a short list of recommendations. Stuff you should know I know “Stuff you should know” for nearly one year now … Continue reading

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Why I quit Facebook

I recently closed my Facebook account. I was on Facebook since 2007 (or was it 2008?) and at first, it was such a good way to stay in touch with friends and to see what’s going on in my friends … Continue reading

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Off topic: 10 tips for commuting by bicycle

Three months ago, I bought a new bicycle- a tour bicycle. My original plan and goal was to commute by bike on a daily basis. First I tried using my Mountain Bike, which I own for several years now. Mountain … Continue reading

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New .NET User Group in Göttingen

Today, we (A couple of friends an I) announced a new .NET user group in Göttingen. We’re already have such groups in Hannover, near Kassel and in Braunschweig. All these user groups are awesome, always have interesting presentations and talks … Continue reading

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Blogging English

The other day a friend asked me why I blog in English. The answer is simple: To reach a wider audience, to improve and challenge myself. Back in 2006 I started blogging with another blog. I spent many hours of … Continue reading

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I don’t want to live in this country anymore!

The other day I read about the telecommunication system in Germany and how modern it is. In Germany we have one of the most modern and fastest telecommunication systems in the world, as it was written in the article. Maybe, … Continue reading

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Finally….DSL at my place

On 1st September last year, I moved to Goettingen. In my old apartment I had 50Mbit DSL and IP-TV. Unfortunately at my new apartment only 16Mbit DSL is available and no IP-TV. That is not a problem at all, because … Continue reading

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