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Sublime Text: Multiple cursors

Multiple cursors is a very neat Sublime Text feature, which I discovered lately. It allows you to edit a text or a word that occurs multiple times, at the same time. For instance if you have a variable named a, … Continue reading

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Using JetBrains ReSharper

Honestly, I am not a fan of JetBrains ReSharper. Of course, it makes some things easier and some other functions are pretty neat, but on the other hand it makes Visual Studio so slow, especially when it comes to large … Continue reading

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Tip: Burndown Charts for Trello users

Norbert, a good friend of mine has created Burndown charts for the project management software Trello. If you’re a Trello user and you missed Burndown charts, than give it a shot. German website: English Translation:

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The search for a new Laptop

At the moment I’am looking for a new Laptop. But this time, the Laptop hast to be strong enough to replace my desktop system as well. Ultrabooks are quite interesting, especially Windows 8 Ultrabooks with Touchscreen. However most of the … Continue reading

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