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Change application language of GVim

Recently I have been using Vim more often to give it a try. I use GVim for windows. Unfortunately my windows installation of my office laptop is in German, though I changed the display language to English. GVim apparently doesn’t … Continue reading

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Overview of code coverage metrics

Unit tests are essential in software engineering nowadays. The quality of software begins with unit testing, but they are useless if there isn’t a metric or an indicator that shows how good the unit tests are. This is called code … Continue reading

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Xubuntu, Code::Blocks and Ctrl+F9

Code::Blocks uses the Shortcut Ctrl + F9 to do a build. Unfortunately uses Xubuntu in its default settings Ctrl + F9 to switch to the workspace 9, if available. Xfce wins over Code::Blocks, which means Ctrl + F9 simply doesn’t … Continue reading

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Install node.js via npm

I recently wrote about the manual installation of Node.js. There is also the way via the npm Package manager: First, install all dependencies: Add a new ppa repository: Update all repositories And finally install Node.js

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Install Node.js on Linux Mint 15

The node.js website offers an installation with the well known package manager apt. Unfortunately that didn’t work for me. Every time I tried it, it stopped working with an error message. So I tried it to install it the manually … Continue reading

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Date / Time formatting in JavaScript for C# developers

I needed to format a date in JavaScript the other day. Date and time formatting in C# is very neat and simple. For instance, if you need to get the current date, you only have to execute the following code: … Continue reading

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.NET User Group Meeting on 07.November 2013

The next User Group Meeting of the .NET User Group Göttingen will take place on 07.November at the ver.di Bildungsstätte in Göttingen – See the link below for details. The meeting will be in German as is the following abstract … Continue reading

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