The problem with smartwatches

Smartwatches are a thing now, at least that what most of the tech news sites or the Apple Watch marketing department says. THEY must be right.

I own a smartwatch for nearly a year now. I bought a Pebble, because I think their concept is one of the best, even if it is one of the first and oldest ones. I love the display, because I am able to read it in every situation or condition, even in direct sunlight. The battery time is just awesome. Mine lasts for ten days.

I’m used to have a smartwatch and to get messages, calls or notifications directly to my watch. The vibration of the watch is key and it makes sure I don’t miss anything. My phone is in silent mode nowadays, because I don’t need the tones or the vibration anymore. Every notification is silent and only noticeable to me.

There is just one bad thing, that heads other people to the perception that I’m being impolite.

When I get a message I immediatly look at my watch, even if I talk to other people. People now tend to think that I need to go or that I don’t have enough time, sometimes they think that their topic isn’t that interesting to me or that I don’t care. People these days know that there are smart watches, but they barely have seen one. No one expects that I’m having one. No one knows that I’ve just looked what happened. If I would use my phone instead, people wouldn’t have a problem, because I guess that this is socially widely accepted, even that it is still kind of impolite, too.

So, I need to keep in mind not to look at my watch during a conversation or – more important – a meeting.

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