Install additional spell checker dictionaries in Sylpheed / Claws mail

At the moment I use Sylpheed for emailing and newsgroups (As you might now, Sylpheed is based on Sylpheed-Claws, now called Claws Mail. All following steps are also good for claws).

Sylpheed has a preinstalled en-US dictionary, so every time when I write German mails all words were underlined in red, which is annoying. Claws and Sylpheed use Aspell as spell checker. Additional dictionaries can be found on the website


After the download, extract the tar.bz2 file to a folder of your choice. I my case, it was the download folder of the browser. Now open a terminal window, navigate to your folder and type in the following commands:


Which should output something like:

Finding Dictionary file location ... /usr/local/lib/aspell
Finding Data file location ... /usr/local/share/aspell

After that build the package with:


and then install it with

make install

Afterwards the new dictionary should be available.

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