Blogging English

The other day a friend asked me why I blog in English. The answer is simple: To reach a wider audience, to improve and challenge myself.

Back in 2006 I started blogging with another blog. I spent many hours of writing tutorials for beginners and hints for C# and ASP.NET developers. It was definitely worth it, because I (hopefully) helped a lot of people, I learned a lot and I met many new people who are still friends till today. I really appreciate that. But nice as it is, all these friends are from German speaking countries, because my blog was written in German. Hopefully with this blog I will meet some people from foreign speaking countries.

I am a very technical and logical kind of person, so back in school for instance I was good at math and physics. I was not good at languages, especially at speaking or writing foreign languages. So I avoided speaking and writing in English as much as I could – Reading was okay. Two years ago I started a new job and realized that I nearly lost the ability to speak or write in English, when I was suddenly forced to. I started to educate myself as much as I can in English and I force myself as much I as can to use it. This blog is a part of that education. I also read English books, watch English tv series, use English as the OS language and I write down notes in English. It sounds a little bit strange, but I think this is the only way to getting used to use the language and to become more fluent.

The writing of English blog posts challenges me a lot and I need challenges. Every time finish a post, it is a very nice feeling, a feeling that I accomplished something which I am not good at – yet! Just like now.

I still need a language tandem partner for speaking. If you are good at speaking English and you’re looking for a native German speaker, I am your man. Just drop me a few lines at kai(AT)

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