I don’t want to live in this country anymore!

The other day I read about the telecommunication system in Germany and how modern it is. In Germany we have one of the most modern and fastest telecommunication systems in the world, as it was written in the article.

Maybe, this is true, but Germany sucks whenever it goes to contracts!

For example in Goettingen LTE with 100 MBit/s bandwidth is available. The Deutsche Telekom, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Germany, offered a two year contract with LTE option for about 44 EUR a month. Sounds not so bad, but the devil is in the details: 100 Mbit/s are only available for the first 600 MB of transfer volume. After that the connection speed will be restrict to 64 kBit/s. How ridiculous is that? Many LTE ads offers the possibility to watch HD movies and yes, I can watch HD for the first 30 minutes and then I need a couple of days for buffering the rest of the movie.

Another point, which annoys me a lot is free Wifi. Free Wifi, e.g. in cafes or restaurants is a standard in other countries. Not in Germany! Free Wifi is not possible because of the law in Germany. And the law exists because of copyrights from companies, who are more interested in sueing school kids as offering good products for music and movie streaming.

But, that’s not all! A couple of days ago some other news spread out. The Deutsche Telekom is thinking about a transfer limitation for landline DSL. For my contract that means a 75 GB a month limitation, if the plans become real. Welcome in the 90’s Germany! I stream my music with Google and Microsoft music. I watch streaming TV with Watchever and I use the cloud intensively. I have video conferences, audio conversations and I really like to watch YouTube videos. I am online, every minute of the day. I need a fast connection and more than 75 GB.

USA, Australia, Asia here I come!

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