The search for a new Laptop

At the moment I’am looking for a new Laptop. But this time, the Laptop hast to be strong enough to replace my desktop system as well. Ultrabooks are quite interesting, especially Windows 8 Ultrabooks with Touchscreen. However most of the available models are having an annoying detail or something that is missing.

Dell XPS 12:
Seems to be a great machine. But what about the display hinge? Are these strong enough to work for more than 12 or 24 months?

Lenovo Yoga:
Great machine, but only 1600 x 900 pixels of screen resolution. With 1080p this would be my first choice.

Only the 11 inch model is currently available in Germany. And it has only 4 GB Ram, without the possibility to upgrade.

Apple Macbook 13” Retina:
Very expensive, but without Touchscreen. I am not sure if the high resolution has any advantages in the day to day work.

So, nothing seems ideal. The dell is at the moment at the first place. Do I miss an alternative?

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