I like Windows 8!

I have Windows 8 running since the RTM version in October (or was it September?). I really like Windows 8, because the concept of having a desktop and a tablet OS in one system has a huge potential in the future. Windows 8 is the only OS at the moment, which can be used as your normal desktop / working system AND for presentations, meetings, fun and as a couch tablet.

Many feedbacks from Windows 7 users have one subject in common: Why I have to use MetroUI and full screen apps which aren’t optimized for my mouse.
The answer is simple: You don’t! The only thing you have to use is your plain old desktop and your plain old desktop applications, but with a full screen start menu to search the applications to start.

I find: Windows 8 is Windows 7 with a full screen start menu.

The real advantages of Windows 8 show, if you have hardware for Windows 8, like the Dell XPS 12 or Lenovo Yoga. With the Dell you could use the desktop and desktop applications for your normal day to day working routine. But in the evening or weekend the touchscreen (the dell has the ability to rotate the screen) and the Metro / Windows Store Apps come in handy for couch surfing or emailing. Normally I would have to use two devices. And in one sentence: Windows 8 is great with the right hardware.

I don’t see why this is so hard to understand for many users.

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